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Website and SEO services in Michigan

Today, having a fast website is simply what you need. We know this because Google is sending all the indicators of a major algorithm shift.

First, Google recently announced that speed metrics would become increasingly important. And to back that up they’ve implemented the page speed insights tool where web masters can check their site speed.

A few things to notice about page speed score. First, it measures mobile and desktop. And for most, their mobile site speed is horrible. Often times less than 10 on the indicator.

Second, and this is nuanced, there has been a shift in Google’s user tool priorities towards measuring mobile speed and responsiveness.

Bottom line, you need a fast mobile site.

Five Keys to Our Internet Marketing Services

Our five key system is simple

Work with your existing platform or create a crazy fast mobile responsive website for your business

Take on monthly website management duties

Provide professionally managed social media engagement

Manage your Google My Business profile

Provide you with a simple SEO strategy

We provide you these five services by

Getting permissions from you to manage your existing site or build you a new one

Commit to providing monthly hours of active maintenance, improvement, and management

Provide 500 to 700 optimized written content monthly

Provide social media post appropriate for each social media channel

In today’s world our skills translate to the unique ability to build websites bringing together the best of website design, SEO, SEO content marketing, and social media management. Speaking about how we do this, let’s talk about our system and services.

Simple Small Business Solution: Google My Business, SEO, Social, and Website Maintenance

All together these five points and five services bring to you a complete internet marketing solution to the real problem of managing your digital presence online without breaking the bank. Because in all honesty, if you just need a website and simple SEO, our monthly service bundle gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Admittedly you may feel more comfortable with a larger agency and paying hundreds, or even thousands of dollars more a month.

We’re fine with that and in fact, if we can’t handle what you need we suggest a few big agencies we know of.

To put it another way, if you are either the type of business owner who isn’t afraid to launch your own website or a business owner who simply needs honest, transparent, and simple services, we want to work with you.

What Industry are You In?

Look at it this way, we know it’s simple to build a website these days and most anyone can build the basics. In the same way, anyone can roof their own house, install their own heating and cooling system, fix their own car, maybe even do their own dentistry. Who’s to stop that from happening?

The Real Questions to Answer Are:

1.) What is it you do that makes you money?
2.) What is your time worth?
3.) How much time can you commit to digital marketing?

What Chris and I have done here at Building Websites Plus is look at these three questions and make it ridiculously affordable to have somebody professionally manage your website and your SEO.

Just like you, when you speak with potential customers, the choice is theirs. You can choose to pay more, you can choose to DIY with another service, or you can choose to let us help you for the ridiculously low bundled price of $100.00 a month with a three month commitment.

Website Services and Basic SEO at the Ridiculously Low Price of $100.00 a Month

That’s right, you get all six services mentioned here for the low price of $100.00 a month. Or, if you choose, you can select any of the six services for $35.00 individually on a month to month basis.

As a final point consider this: If for $100.00 you could free yourself from the hassle of digital marketing and do the things that make your own business grow, prosper, and service your customers like you know they should be; why wouldn’t you choose Chris and I at Building Websites Plus to manage your website and SEO?

Monthly Service with 3 Month Commitment
  • One Tier One Content
  • Google My Business Mgt.
  • Small Business SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Maintenance
Website Installation and Layout
  • Account set up with your choice of any hosted WordPress provider. Domain, SSL, and provider’s hosting not included. Recommended host: SiteGround*, Kinsta*, WP Engine*, Blue Host.
  • *BWP is an affiliate of these providers. We may be comped.
Single Service Individual Pricing
  • One Tier One Content
  • Google My Business Mgt.
  • Small Business SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Maintenance