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Affordable SEO for small businesses, that is what brought you here. You are looking for answers about SEO. What is this stuff? Why is it so expensive? Can I do it myself? How do I find a good SEO people?

These are all great questions. I will try to answer them here and give you a breakdown of cost and techniques so you can make an informed decision about your SEO.

In this article you will find a cost breakdown that, as a business owner, you should understand. In an amazingly simple example, you will see why some SEO companies charge upwards of $500.00 a month. It is not a rip off, but they have expenses just like anyone else.

But you will also see what is behind doing SEO. And because of that you will be able to make an informed decision about who, or even if, you will hire for your company’s SEO. You may decide to do it yourself. Hopefully, I can give you some insight there too.

First and foremost, why is SEO so expensive?

Simple, your buying labor. If you own a small business, you know all about getting labor. In fact, by the time you finish figuring out what it cost to employ a person you realize quickly the costs add up.

And that, simply put, is why you can pay so much for SEO. Labor is expensive, agencies have overhead, there are 401k’s to find, medical polices to buy, workers comp to pay, taxes, and finally, wages.

Thinking of it that way you can get some decent pricing. How about we figure it out together with a story problem, remember those? And you thought you would never use that stuff again. Ha!

SEO agency pricing questions

Question 1.

If Jane has a digital marketing agency with 10 staff members and expects to net $175,000 a year annual income. How much will she have to charge each of her 300 clients per month if the following are true:

  1. 1000 sq ft office at $4.25 a square foot
  2. 2000 monthly payment for equipment and services
  3. $60.00 per hour loaded wage per employee
  4. 40-hour work week
  5. Two weeks paid vacation per employee
  • For 1.) 1000 *4.25 = $4,250.00
  • For 2.) $2000.00
  • For 3) and 4.) (($60.00 * 10) *2000))/12 = $100,000.00
  • For 5.) (($600*80) = $48,000.00/12 = $4000.00

Jane’s Total Monthly Operating Cost: $100,000

Jane’s desired monthly Salary = $175,000/12 = $14,583.00

Jane’s total monthly net required = $114,583.00

If Jane maintains 300 monthly clients, then she must charge each client $114,583.88.33/300 = $382.00 per month.

Question 2.

How many aggregate site contact hours per week will each of Jane’s client’s get?

  1. Total labor hours available per month = 10*160 = 1600
  2. Aggregate hours per client = 1600/300 = 5.33 hours per client

Question 3.

How much are you paying Jane’s firm per hour for services rendered?

  1. You pay Jane’s service $382.00/5.33 = $72.00 per hour

Is affordable SEO possible?

So, there you have it. As a business owner you see a totally a legit number. You can play around on the edges with the numbers, but at the end of the day you see the costs for SEO are for the skilled labor.

As with everything, skilled labor is the largest contributing factor to operating costs. Simply put you are paying someone to do the work.

Considering all this, is it possible to get affordable SEO? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, under Jane’s circumstances, there is simply no way she can afford to sell her services for any amount less. Unless, of course, Jane decides to compromise somewhere. Jane’s probably smart, so we hope she will not compromise.

In any event, working with Jane will cost what it costs. It is as simple as that. As for this, the better question would be: can you get affordable, good SEO?

Again, the answer is yes. More importantly, paying higher amounts for SEO is no guarantee you will get anything except a higher monthly bill. In fact, while most agencies are genuinely good and worth their pricing, others are not.

In other words, there are always craftsmen and professionals that neither practice their craft correctly nor have any professionalism regardless of price paid.

But if you find the right combination of controlled costs, skilled knowledge, and honesty and ethical SEO practices, you can indeed find affordable SEO.

Building Websites Plus’s affordable, quality SEO

So, how does Building Websites Plus offer services more affordably than others? It is amazingly simple, we are a husband and wife, our expenses are low, we know what we are doing, we are honest, and we enjoy helping people. Of course, we need to make a few bucks too.

Here is the bottom line, we are a team working out of our home. For you, that means $100.00 a month will get you roughly 4 to 5 contact hours work for your digital marketing. Between Chris and I we will write, post, SEO your site and manage your social. That is $25.00 an hour to you.

But is affordable SEO from Building Websites Plus any good?

First let us look at what SEO is and then you can see how we can provide the service more affordably.

Our SEO analysis

For you to have any ranking at all, you first need to understand your competition. Not just the competition you face in your day to day business activity, but competition for keywords. Keywords are the fuel that drives the SEO engine. They are not the only ones, but they are important. How would you speak about your business without talking about the things you do?

It is the things that your business does, the services or products, that form the foundation for keyword research. These days, most SEO focuses on local placement. Google has a few ways you can be placed when your site triggers a keyword. The most important area for local is the map area. Here is where the ‘near me’ magic happens.

In most instances, a keyword will be tied to a geographic location. In example, heating and cooling is a typical search. Our experience has shown that depending on how densely your area is packed with your business, the more competitive getting into the map area will be.

Our Keyword research

It is important to note however, keywords heating and cooling near me and furnace repair represent different mindsets in a consumer as they would for an HVAC business. Where someone is looking for help with furnace repair needs help now, somebody simply searching for plumbers nearby may be considering future remodeling work.

As well as different mindsets in the search, you see also different price points, different types of work, and the most important difference is the digital message you send.  Your site should to the best of its ability present a page specifically for that keyword. In other words, keywords should tie to specific pages in your site.

The long and short tail of keywords

Kitchen cabinets is short tail, Italian kitchen cabinetry for my home is a long tail. Other than the number of words there are a few important things going on here.

First, not only is kitchen cabinets short tail, it is:

  • Harder to rank for
  • Lumps every type of kitchen cabinet together
  • Probably somebody early in their search journey for kitchen cabinets

Second, Italian kitchen cabinetry for my home is:

  • Generally easier to rank for
  • Specifically designates a product type
  • Probably someone close to buying Italian kitchen cabinetry

Third, when Italian kitchen cabinetry turns into a brand, like Pedini, this buyer is close to calling someone. Add installers to any of these keywords and the ball game changes yet again.

Our honesty and ethics

Some of the biggest grief in SEO comes when an SEO company works to leverage weaknesses or trick search engines. This black hat SEO works for a while, maybe, but once discovered anybody caught in the web has their rankings punished. That is where affordable SEO can turn bad.

When an SEO company promises you a whole bunch of improvement in a hurry, beware. SEO takes time. Cutting corners and rigging your site for ranking is what a black hat SEO company will do. They will also leave you with a mess to clean up once they are uncovered.

Our SEO Link building

Links have become important indicators of site quality, relevance, and importance. For that reason, building links ranks high on the SEO factor scale. But what is link building?

Obviously, a link to your site is the goal of link building. Some links carry more ‘link juice’ than others. Good backlinks are ones you get to blog post, infographics, white papers, and graphics. Build some exciting, interesting stuff for people and they will link to it. Directory links, while sometimes good, have widely been discredited in terms of SEO.

But another form of backlink generation is alive and well. That is backlink outreach. Essentially, outreach is when your SEO company searches for suitable sources to obtain a credible link to your site. This is the most difficult part of SEO simply because it requires good communication skills and determination.

Your SEO company must continuously look for solid sources for quality backlinks to your site.

Our SEO content

Our SEO content is always original, and always fresh. Dan’s the main writer. Being in the business for over 15 years, he brings a lot of experience to the table. Content from Building Websites Plus is about 500 to 700 words depending on need and topic. And it is never plagiarized. There is simply no point in that.

SEO content is a blend of copywriting, and storytelling. Every business has a purpose and every business has a story. SEO content writing needs to capture both.

Putting affordable SEO all together 

SEO is a specialty service that is not hard to understand, but often challenging to do by yourself. That is one reason it makes sense to hire it out. If the time it takes for you to do all that is required for SEO makes sense according to what your earning potential is, then go for it.

But honestly, at $25.00 an hour it is hard for me to see why you would not let Building Websites Plus do your company’s SEO. Don’t you have better things to do?

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