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WordPress Drag And Drop Websites

Create A Website In Three Simple Steps

  • Click the easy start banner to the left. (We recommend you do this on a desktop, not mobile.)
  • Choose the hosting package
  • Install Managed WordPress Hosting

But Here’s The Catch

How do you make a website on line and then make it powerful and look professional?

That’s where you need a CMS like WordPress.

There Are Great Site Builders On The Market Today. I’ve Used Many.

Each of them has the power to create a good looking website. But each of them has limitations that affect your user experience, your customer’s user experience, and adaptability to emerging technology.

We could classify the website builders on the market today in two categories: Closed systems and open systems.

Closed systems are like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and MotoCMS. Open systems are like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Each system has strengths and weaknesses. From a small business point of view, it’s best to consider these strengths and weaknesses starting with the two most important considerations most small business owners look for in a website builder: Cost and ease of use.

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Super Easy Siteground WordPress Install

Siteground has made it easy to do a compete install of WordPress including loading one of thousands of free themes (we recommend Chaplin) and loading up example content and key plugins for you to get up and running.

You can add opt-in list, commerce platforms, and get access to the WordPress easy to use block editor or the Elementor page builder.

What’s super-powerful about the Siteground set-up is you have complete control. You are NEVER locked into any particular way to edit or build your website.

Start with the default settings, and as you move forward you’ll be amazed at the WordPress and Siteground package flexibility.

Is WordPress Easy To Use For A Small Business Website?

Yes, it certainly can be. If you spend some time with someone who really knows their stuff about website builder technology, you’ll see just how easy using a WordPress website can be.

Not only that, but you’ll learn just why a WordPress installation for your small business makes the most sense in the long run. You see, a WordPress website can be as simple, or as complicated as you want or need it to be.

In addition, as an open website building system, WordPress sets no limitations on what, or where you can go with your small business website. Now sure, a closed website building system gives you tools to do most whatever you need. But can it grow with you?

Closed website building systems give you few, if any choices. WordPress gives you complete control. And it gives you that control easily. Provided of course the person or company explained to you the options, and sold you the right WordPress package.

WordPress gives you all the tools you need in a way that can grow with your business. More professional website designers use WordPress than any other content management system. Couple WordPress with Siteground and you’ve got unmatched power under the hood of your site.

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Siteground offers a 30 day no risk return policy.

Unhappy? Contact Siteground within 30 days of purchase and they will cancel your contract and refund your money.

14 days on cloud hosting plans.

And if you have any questions in those 30 days, give us a shout.

If you purchase any of our support plans, we’ll give you 30 days no questions asked refund too.

We believe you’ll like WordPress that much.

In addition, when you team WordPress to your business you get a scalability factor in speed and performance that you simply can not get with a closed system.

Unfortunately I see many small business owners sold a WordPress configuration that doesn’t meet their needs. When that happens, they get frustrated giving WordPress a bad reputation as being unfriendly.

I get it. And I can help.

Here’s What Will Happen When You Click the Siteground Logo On This Page.

The affiliate link takes you to Siteground, a hosting company that partners with WordPress providing blazing fast servers and superior support.

You will be asked to choose one of three SiteGround hosting plans.

Graphic showing site ground hosting plans and prices

For most small businesses there is likely no reason to buy a hosting plan larger than the StartUp plan at SiteGround. You get plenty of features, speed, and bandwidth. After the first year the price increases, but in comparison the quality you get from SiteGround servers justifies the additional second year cost.

Graphic showing Siteground's choose domain screen.

Find the domain name you want and proceed with the install WordPress prompt.

You will be asked a few questions. Once answered choose install. In a matter of a few minutes you will have a new WordPress install on your screen.

When asked to install demo content, say yes. We can delete it later, but you want to see it so you have a better idea how to navigate your site.

Notice the and the more recognizable

When you want to edit or change your site you go to When you direct customers to your site, you use

Build a WordPress Site With Siteground’s WordPress Builder

From the basic to the complex, Siteground offers extensive tutorials on how to use WordPress.

Graphic showing the simple steps to install a WordPress site on Siteground.

Just choose get started, choose a theme, add some functions, and Siteground puts it together.

Once you put it together, Siteground offers plenty of basic tutorials to get you started customizing your site.

And Building Websites Plus is here to help too. We offer affordable options to complete the setup process from start to finish, or you can choose your services as you wish.

We are here to help you with our experience building WordPress sites. We give honest, solid advice and rock-solid honest delivery on every site we build.

WordPress Drag And Drop Editor

Graphic showing the dropdown wordpress block editor pick list.

Over 75 blocks give you ultimate control over your page layout.

From a simple drop down menu on the page or post editor, you easily scroll down to select the block element you want to place on your page.

Media, custom code, formatting and more, the layout elements provide you the tools you need to layout effective landing pages and compelling post layouts.

You move the blocks on the page with a arrow up or arrow down handle that appears on mouse-over. Save your commonly used blocks in a custom library displayed on the drop down menu.

Whether you are a new user or highly experienced, Siteground has an extensive toolkit and support staff to assist you in getting your WordPress site up and running.

Graphic showing the dropdown wordpress block editor pick list.

Click the add block plus sign on the upper left corner of your page editor to see the drop down block element menu.

Scroll to the section you need and select the block.

Once you click your block choice, WordPress places the block on your page ready for your content.

Graphic showing an empty WordPress media and content block from the block editor.

The block you choose is placed on the page just below your last block.

Not where you want it to be? No problem, hover to the left of any block and get a handle to arrow up or down your block with a simple click.

Toggle block options with the hover view menu bar on top of each block element.

Graphic showing access to the WordPress media library from the WordPress Block editor.

With the block in place, add the media.

We have been using the “media and text” block from the library. On one side you place visual media, on the other you place text.

Easily toggle between left or right placement of media and text.

Graphic showing how to add media to a WordPress block while editing a page.

On the fly block management lets you control the block in one place.

Wrong place? Wrong media? Wrong Block? No problem. Hover over the block element to view the block management bar.

Make your choices and move on the the next element of your design.

Graphic showing the publish and preview buttons of the WordPress page editor.

Save the draft and take a break, preview to check your overall design, or publish when ready.

WordPress content management design gives you extraordinarily creative freedom by grouping all the tools you need in an easy to navigate visual environment.

WordPress is not just drag and drop, it also gives you What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) ease with complete content design freedom.

Graphic showing the administration menu of a WordPress installaiton.

Don’t let the default WordPress dashboard intimidate you.

There are a lot of tools and functionality with WordPress. What has happened to this point is you have an excellent hosting company with blazing fast solid state servers and tools to make those go even faster.

You also have one of the most powerful CMS (Content Management Systems) on the planet. WordPress runs millions upon millions of sites on the web.

With WordPress, you even have the option to greatly simplify the admin pages. Only see what you need to see. Building Websites Plus would be glad to share how to get this done.

Building a powerful, simple, flexible website with WordPress is drag and drop easy.

Build your pages with strips, blocks, and custom media and then take complete control with a simple customization panel.

But unlike other Drag and Drop website builders, WordPress is technologically driven by a global community of developers. Simply put, there’s nothing beyond your reach with the new WordPress block editor.

The power you have at your control with WordPress is more than doubled by the tools you have access to with SiteGround.

For now, once you have your wordpress going, we’re going to talk about using the new WordPress block editor.

To Be Continued…