How Easy Is It To Use WordPress

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I’m always happy when I show a person how easy it is to build a WordPress website. I truly enjoy explaining the difference between a closed website builder like Wix and an open system like WordPress. Instead of sending them blindly down a rabbit hole of website development options, they get the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Because it irks me when I see people advertising for help on Upwork or other freelance sites asking for help with their Wix website. Wasn’t the reason they chose Wix because it was simple and easy? A DIY paradise of creativity and expression? Somebody sold them the wrong thing.

I Don’t Want To Sell You The Wrong Thing

Trust me, I want to sell you a website and I want you to buy the things you need from Building Websites Plus. But I want you to like me six months from now and tell all your friends what a great resource Building Websites Plus when you need website help.

And don’t think for a moment I’m beating up on Wix because I just want to sell WordPress websites. Instead, know that we do Wix sites as well as WordPress sites. We have a site built on Wix and we have a site built on WordPress. So, there’s some knowledge here between the two.

Here’s the thing, WordPress is as easy as Wix. In fact, WordPress is much easier in many respects and won’t leave you a poor performing site with few solutions to complex problems.

WordPress won’t leave you without a DIY solution to difficult technical problems, and in many cases, you don’t have to write any code. This is completely unlike what you’re hearing in a lot of forums.

How Easy Is WordPress To Use

WordPress is as easy or as complex as you want or need it to be. That’s what makes it such a great platform for building websites.

Ten Features Making WordPress A Simple Website Builder:

  • Easy load media library
  • Easy to use block editor
  • Logical administration menu layout
  • Simple point and click plug-in functionality
  • Easy to understand customizer control
  • Simple quick edit features
  • Pick, click, and change theme options
  • Easy post and page formatting using the block editor
  • Intuitive dashboard keeping you, and your website up to date
  • An internet full of helpful WordPress users

Using The WordPress Media Library

Graphic showing the fly-out menu when you select the media option from the WordPress main menu.

Select “Media” From the Dashboard’s Side Menu

When you select media from the side menu, you see a fly-out with two new selections. Click ‘Library’ to see every piece of media currently uploaded. Or, click ‘Add New’ to show the upload new media dialog box.

Graphic showing the WordPress medial library screen.

Inside The Library

In the library you see media available for your pages or posts. To see the details of each piece of media click on desired thumbnail.

Graphic showing how the attachment details screen in WordPress allows captioning, titling,  and linking options to the selected media.

Media Details

Clicking details brings you to a screen exclusively for the media you’ve chosen. Here you can name, get link, delete, or caption the media.

I’ve built a number of tutorials and guides on Building Websites Plus talking about each of these items, and I’ll continue to do so to keep up with the changing demands of the website builders. In addition to my tutorials, dedicated WordPress hosting services like SiteGround and Kinsta have a feature rich WordPress user library for their customers.

And here’s the kicker. Whether you’re building a website with Wix, Sqauarespace, or any-other closed system, there’s a learning curve and time spent with tutorials and how-to videos. There’s no getting around this.

That Time I Thought Everyone Needed To Learn WordPress Code

I used to think everyone should know how WordPress worked and why things like CSS, HTML, Java and all that other techie stuff needed to be explained to people wanting to build a website. The thing is, once I got started, I got plenty of glazed eyed deer in the headlight looks coming back at me.

Then I realized, I was one of the reasons people don’t think about WordPress for building websites. If every time someone asked about using WordPress to build a website all they got was the Book of Hoyle on website coding and design, why wouldn’t they think WordPress is hard.

So, I’m stopped doing that. There are plenty of places to go if you want to tackle all that coding stuff. But there are not enough places helping you just simply use WordPress do design and build your website. I think that’s a problem.

WordPress Is A Simple Website Building Tool

Let’s be honest here. Whatever website building tool you use building a website there’s a learning curve. The thing is with WordPress that learning curve is as steep or as shallow as you like. You can simply point and click your way to a truly powerful website with unlimited potential, or you can decide to do a deep dive and learn to code WordPress.

Either way, the choice is yours, always. And that’s something other website builders have a hard time saying to you.

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