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Brand Awareness Websites to Promote Small Business

Business brand awareness is when someone knows what you do simply by seeing or hearing a mark or slogan that puts the image of you in their head.

You might be thinking “What do I need with brand awareness, I’m just a local business.”

If you think that way, please stop. In fact, having your brand recognized locally is more critical to your business than a multinational corporation.

What can brand awareness do for you?

Brand awareness gives your business product or services familiarity in your community.

How is brand awareness built?

Businesses build brand awareness by familiarizing the public with your products and services.

Websites are excellent tools helping small businesses build business brand awareness.

Building a brand aware website with Building Websites Plus is easy, affordable, effective, and powerful.

Unlike most small business website builders, Building Websites Plus leverages the industry leading open-source website drag and drop website builder, WordPress.

We include all services to help you build your business brand as shown in the Small Business Associations guideline for building brand strategy core websites.

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Emphasize Your Business Brand

A brand aware small business website uses brand strategy core concepts:

  • Logo
  • Templates
  • Color palette
  • Typography

The WordPress content management system is a powerful tool that makes brand focusing easy. Out of the box, WordPress gives you a wide array of choices for colors, templates, typography, and logo placement.

Two main features that make using WordPress easy for small business is the standard theme customizing page and the block editor.

Brand Awareness Builds on Your Elevator Speech

When you are given a chance to use your elevator speech, you’re given a golden opportunity to build your brand and your business.

Your elevator speech is only a few seconds long, but it answers key questions a potential customer will have about your small business.

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Three Questions that Build a Great Elevator Speech

  1. Who

    Who am I? Who do I serve?

  2. What

    What business or field am I in? What makes me different? What makes me better?

  3. Why

    Why is my business or product better than the competition.

A Website is Your Elevator Speech on Steroids

Optimize Content Like Your Elevator Speech

SEO’s talk about cornerstone content. This is content that, like your product or service, is the cornerstone of your business.

The Building Websites Plus cornerstone is building local small business websites. Everything we do is focused on helping you build a brand aware small business website.

Nothing captures cornerstone content like content built on an elevator speech.

Where ever you have the chance to position your website in front of a potential customer, make sure your elevator speech is the major theme.

We Build Your Idea Into and Effective Marketing Tool.

A tool you can use in any situation, at any moment. Most small business comes through word of mouth and community reputation.

We help you capitalize these moments by backing your business brand with a highly effective business brand website.

A website that sets its focus on your personal approach to business. We want to emphasize your competitive advantage within your community.

With a small business website from Building Websites Plus you get the most powerful tools to build community awareness.

We Build Ideas