HVAC SEO Content: A Brief Content Writing Tutorial

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HVAC SEO content is less about how HVAC systems work, but instead what an HVAC system does for a home. In other words, people don’t put heating and cooling equipment in their home because they want the equipment, they put heating and cooling equipment in their home because they want to be comfortable. So, what should HVAC content be about?


What should we say about HVAC SEO content then, how about these ideas:

  • Heating and cooling systems protect families from temperature extremes
  • Heating and cooling systems affect indoor air quality
  • Heating and cooling systems match a home
  • Heating and cooling systems are investments in comfort

Specific HVAC content for specific opportunities

Looking at the above concepts, you know the specific elements that make up a heating and cooling system. Here is where you begin to mine good HVAC content. In terms of comfort what categories are there?

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Humidity
  • Filtration

 Now, for each of the above four items there are specific elements you should write about:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Condensers
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Ductwork

Write HVAC content for each specific opportunity

What about each of the above elements do you service in your company. To get at this point of view, think about what customers ask for when they call your shop for help.

In terms of heating and furnaces you could go with:

  • New furnace installation
  • New furnace
  • New furnace cost

These are actual HVAC content keyword examples have pulled from my personal research on the topic. Of course, you can see these words make sense from the consumers point of view. Consumers are not interested in how the heat exchanger works to create hot air; they just want the hot air.

So, what should you work with for the words new furnace and heating? How about what consumers may be going through when they are looking for a new furnace. What might they be thinking? Again, you can rely on your experience to guide you here. But let’s take a quick shot at a few ideas.

The power section of a sentence: Its subject

First, your headline may be something like New Furnace Installation for Your Home. Now, notice a few things about this headline. The headline sentence in this example features the word’s New Furnace Installation in what I call the power section of the sentence. When you think about writing sentences keep these two things in mind. The first words are always the most important words in the sentence. They carry the what idea of the sentence, in other words, these words are the subject of the sentence.

The what’s in it for me section of a sentence: The predicate

Second, the words for Your Home are in what I call the what’s in it for me section of the sentence. The things to notice about this sentence is it describes what the power section is about. In this case, the mind connects the idea: What I am reading is about my home.

Putting the power of what’s in it for me together

Now, simply connect these two ideas. That is, the sentence New Furnace Installation for Your Home translates in the brain to: What I am reading is about installing a new furnace for my home.

Why is this important? Consider changing the. sentence to Your Home and New Furnace Installation. Do you see the same imagery in your mind? You shouldn’t that’s because we’ve put Your Home in the power section. While the sentence’s words are the same except for the conjunction.

This difference is more than a simple argument in semantics, it is the defining characteristic of how the brain, and in some sense a search engine, consumes a sentence for information.

The body of your HVAC content

For the rest of your HVAC content you apply the same basic idea of connecting power to what’s in it for me throughout the article. If you’re on the right track, all your sentences should sound brisk and clear. And as your content body builds out you should notice your paragraphs following the same concept of power first and what’s in it for me second.

The call to action

The whole point of content is to encourage a reader to act on what they’ve read. In this case you want the reader to call you for installing a new furnace in a home. Often this is an amazingly simple closing sentence that says: Give Us a Call now!

This post has been a brief tutorial in how to write HVAC content.  If you’re looking for quality HVAC content give Dan Bousho, the best SEO writer on the market a call.


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