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Wix Quick Fix Websites, Is It True?

Recently, the list of site building options for small business web developers has gotten a little longer. For instance, WIX, a cloud based website development system, promises websites in an hour or less. 

You truly can get a good looking website online with the Wix system. However the real question is will that website work for your small business? Before you can truly tell, you need a clear definition of what a website is.

A Website Is A Content Management Framework And The Content It Contains Coupled With SEO and Marketing

When Wix says building a small business website in an hour or less, what they mean is building a few good looking pages in the Wix content management framework. But in an hour users end up  with a very low volume of content, not a lot of SEO, and an awful lot of marketing loose ends to tie up.

In reality this is no different from any other content management system developers use. A designer with experience with WordPress can accomplish the same thing as Wix. And that gets us to our point.

If both Wix and WordPress can deliver a simple, minimalist content framework website in an hour, then Wix is as real a small business development platform as WordPress is.

In An Experienced Designers Hands, Both Wix and WordPress Are Equivalent For Building Websites.

This works because both Wix and WordPress bring tools to designers built to get frameworks up quickly. With Wix using its drag and drop designer and WordPress using its theme based development system. Developing skills in either and putting frameworks up is easy, although designers moving from WordPress to Wix will have a much easier time than those moving from Wix to WordPress.

And while both Wix and WordPress present similar quick build content framework, they both present similar problems to developers. That is, getting content in the framework.

A Website’s Content Is Never Really Complete

The fact is building websites with no consideration of its content makes even the best framework design useless. Content is, indeed, king. And good content needs fair consideration to SEO and quality overall.

To be sure, many designers come from walks of life far removed from formal English or journalistic training. And while Wix drag and drop tools and WordPress templates remove the need for in depth development skills, it’s not the same for website content.

Whether it’s audio, video, or words, good content takes more than an hour. So does marketing, so does local SEO. To be sure, the real time and effort behind a website is its ongoing maintenance, development, marketing integration.

Wix Is As Competent A Content Management System As WordPress

Nowadays, building websites with Wix is an effective alternative to WordPress. In fact, with less worry about server and software updates and its market commodity approach to drag and drop design, it offers some advantages. In reality though, a successful website is less about the content framework and more about SEO, keywords, and content.

Knowing this, if your position is light on knowledge of HTML, CSS the area of website design is still within your reach. Specifically, with the Wix drag and drop build environment it is true that most any designer can put up an SEO and market effectively with Wix.  But you still need to do the content and SEO grind.