SEO Content Writing and Keywords: A Simple Guide

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SEO content writing does one simple thing. It describes your business to your potential clients. The only twist is this thing called the keyword.

Keywords? What exactly does that word mean for your website. Look at it this way, if you sell cupcakes you wouldn’t write much content about oil changes. When you draw a line from what you sell to the words that describe what you sell you set the direction for your keyword big picture.

So, is SEO content writing easy as putting your product or service in a sentence and letting if fly? Well, no. But the thing is, no writing works like that. Why would SEO writing be any different.

Four rules for keywords in SEO content

Knowing that, let’s set out a few basic rules for using keywords in content that make for good SEO.

Rule 1: Put your keyword in the power position of the title

Rule 2: Put your keyword in the power position of the first sentence of the first paragraph

Rule 3: Put your keyword in the front section of a paragraph or two

Rule 4: Don’t overuse your keyword

About now you may be thinking “Wow, I think my eighth grade English teacher said some stuff like that”. And you would be right.

A good essay is laid out with a clear heading, a clear topic sentence, and the paragraphs that follow develop on those ideas. That makes for a good essay and it makes for a good piece of content writing.

SEO content and the long tail keyword

You may have heard of long tail keywords. Here we have a simple concept too. Let’s look at some examples.

1.) Trane

2.) Trane Air Conditioner

3.) Trane Air Conditioner Installer

4.) Trane Air Conditioner Installer near me

5.) Trane Air Conditioner Installer in [my city]

Pretty easy to see what’s going on here. In sentence 1 you’ll get Trane the international supplier and manufacturer of air handling equipment. Follow through to sentence 5 and you see the long tail keyword structure you’re most likely interested in.

Because language and grammar are the things they are and people use language and grammar to communicate ideas, the idea behind keyword structure and good essay writing are very similar. Coming back full circle to cupcakes and oil changes, you see why the better you are at writing how good you make cupcakes the better your content will work.

But on their own keywords and SEO content mean nothing if your cupcakes suck or you forget to put the drain plug in the cars you change oil in. That’s your reputation. We are taking it to extremes here of course, but you see where this is going.

Write content that tells people how you help people

When you think about what your website should be doing for your business keep these things in mind when writing content.

1.) Talk about the ways your product solves problems

2.) Talk about the ways you work with your products and customers solve problems

3.) Talk about the ways your product makes life better and helps people

To put it another way, your website should be selling the benefits of you, your products, and your services. As I have said often here on this blog, people don’t want the thing you sell, they want what the thing you sell will do for them. Keep this basic idea in mind along with the four simple rules for using keywords in content and your website will be a winner.


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