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What Is A WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is the presentation layer of your business website. The presentation layer is what appears in the browser window when users visit your site.

A WordPress Theme:

  1. Organizes the presentation of your business website
  2. Gives you the capability to customize the way that presentation is made
  3. Allows your users to select which data they want to see


  • WordPress theme tools allow you to layout pages, post, menus, and let you highlight your business to suit your needs.
  • Using categories, tags, and links, your theme guides your users through your business ideas.
  • With graphics, font selection, layout, and color choices, your theme becomes a unique expression of your business.

Customize Your WordPress Theme’s Presentation

  • WordPresst theme tools include the theme customizer. A panel each theme uses to let you pick colors, fonts, and other key elements of the theme’s presentation options.
    • Here you can do non destructive changes to the theme, and publish those changes only when you’re happy with them.
    • In the customizer you can access easy changes to the theme’s colors, what information is displayed on your home page. Change menu options. And easily add non-destructive CSS customizations, meaning you can experiment with CSS coding with no worry about blowing the theme up.
    • While some customizer options are standard, how many changes you can do in the theme customizer depends on the theme developer.
    • By choosing one of the three icons in the lower left of the screen, you can preview how the template looks on PC screens, Tablets, and Phones.

User Interaction

  • Through menus that you create, and links that you embed, the WordPress theme allows users to access different parts of your business website.
  • Set up correctly, you can implement your sales funnel into your theme: Leading the users through a process ultimately landing them on an action page. There, you ask for what ever closing action you need.

Theme Changes Are Easy, Free Themes Are Plentiful

  • From the WordPress dashboard, select appearance > themes
    • Here you see the themes that are currently available to your site
    • By hovering over each theme thumbnail you get choices to:
      • View theme details
      • Activate
      • Live preview
  • Choose theme details
    • You see an information blurb with the theme’s goals stated by the theme designer
  • Choose Live Preview
  • Your taken to the customizer page where you can non destructively select customizer options and view the theme as it would look on your site. As mentioned, before you can see what the new theme would look like on a PC, a Tablet, or a Phone.

Choosing A New Theme To Install

  • Select ‘Add New’ in the top left
    • Here you are introduced to a world of options for choosing a new theme.
      • You can preview any of these WordPress themes
      • Find one you like and choose install
        • The theme is placed in your them library ready for activation installation ready on your site
  • Choose “add new”
    • The landing page for themes displays only a handful of theme options available for your site
    • Choose the selections ‘popular’, ‘latest’, ‘favorites’, or ‘feature filter’ to explore the universe of WordPress themes
  • Choose upload theme
  • Click choose file
    • Your taken to your local file manager
    • The reason for this:
      • Even with all the WordPress themes you see on the “add new” theme page, you have the option to buy/build your own theme and upload it for activation to your site.