WordPress And Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, like any marketing, is about how to network your message to people. Having said that, keep these things in mind when thinking about digital marketing.

First, people buy things, not search engines. Second, search engines make money from the advertising you buy. Third, both you and the search engines want to connect qualified buyers to your services. Finally, your website’s success relys on networking.

Let’s unpack these ideas.

People Buy Things, Not Search Engines

Often there is a temptation to ‘lure’ search engines to push a website to the top of the search list. In fact, this idea has infamously become a misnomer for Search Engine Optimization.

Here’s the history you need to know about SEO.

There was a time, long before AI, that search engines relied on things computers could easily be programmed to identify. Namely, words, clicks, and links.

The basic idea was this:

  • Create an algorithm that analyzed the words on a website with the number of clicks the site got based on the variety of links found across the internet.
  • Use the results of this analysis to rank the order of sites from one to infinity with one being the most relevant.
  • Place the most relevant site at the top of a list.

Black Hat SEO And Search Algorithm Manipulation

Early search engines were easily fooled with what is now called ‘Black Hat SEO’.

Black hat SEO worked for a while, but soon search engines became much better at finding relevancy. In fact, so good that if you used black hat SEO, your ranking plummeted. Often times sites were blacklisted from search altogether.

This gets us to the second and third points of our opening paragraph above:

  • Search engines make money from the advertising you buy.
  • Both you and the search engines want to connect qualified buyers to your services.

Consider this, if search engines make money from advertising, how much money will a search engine make if it continually serves up gargabe to its users instead of relevant results? Who would buy advertising in this situation?

With this background in mind, let’s now look at the basic forms of digital marketing.

  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

WordPress And Digital Marketing

WordPress is an excellent choice for all three major digital marketing channels.

First, its inherent speed and page layout flexibility allows you to develop effective landing pages for PPC.

Second, WordPress maintaines its DNA roots as a blogging platform. Though now highly evolved, WordPress still allows you great flexibility to create and post shareworthy social media content.

Third, content marketing is nothing without a good content management system. WordPress is exactly that. In fact, WordPress is an excellent content managment system.