WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the service you buy that puts your WordPress website on the internet.

There are a number of great WordPress hosting companies:

What Is WordPress Hosting?

Techniclly, WordPress hosting is the server space in the cloud where your WordPress installation lives. What that meas to you is when you edit your WordPress site, you’re editing on the hosting service. What that means to your customers is when they look for your company, the hosting service delivers the web-page they’re looking for.

What Makes A Good WordPress Hosting Service?

Technology, value, and support are three components you should measure when shopping hosting services.

Technology should be fast and dependable. Today that means solid-state servers with multiple server-farms around the world. The closer the server is to your user, the faster things go. As for dependability, look for 99.9% uptime.

Value is a combination of price, technology, and support. Everybody has their opinion about value.

Support can be via e-mail, chat, or phone. Depending on what level you decide to dive into with WordPress your support needs may vary. Nonetheless, good support makes a difference when you’ve got questions. Noob or not.

Is A Hosting Service The Same As A Domain Service?

No. A domain is the string that shows up before the .com (or .org, or .whatever) in your browser’s address bar. The domain you’re on now is buildingwebsitesplus.com A domain is separate from hosting and you pay for that separately.

While most WordPress hosting services offer domain services too, it isn’t required you have your domain and your hosting with the same company.

In example, you could have your domain name with GoDaddy and WordPress hosting with Kinsta. In this case, you simply work with GoDaddy to have their domain name servers ‘point’ to Kinsta for your WordPress site.

What’s The Difference Between Shared And Dedicated WordPress Hosting?

Shared WordPress hosting means you’re sharing a server with other WordPress websites. In most cases this isn’t a bad thing becuase most small business websites don’t use a lot of server resources. Sharing server resources with other websites then saves you money. But, there are performance limitations with traffic and potentially speed.

A dedicated hosting service means you have the entire server to your own WordPress website. That’s a lot of server for most small business websites and you’ll pay a premium for it. The fact is with a dedicated service you’ll more than likely be paying for stuff you won’t use.

Is Email Combined With Hosting?

In most cases you’ll get at least one email address with your hosting service. That means you’ll be able to have an email for your customers to use at ‘you@yourdomain.com’.