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WordPress Post to Facebook Automatically

Looking for an affordable and efficient way to post to Facebook or other social media? How about a simple plugin from xyzscripts called social media auto post. I was looking for a way to help clients keep up with social without having to dish out monthly fees for a social management account.

Social Media Auto Post

Fairly intuitive admin panel makes Social Media Auto Post easy to use. You will need to create Facebook App or for $10.00 a year use xyzscripts subscription Facebook App.

    Social Media Auto Post and WordPress Post Scheduling

    A major advantage to subscription social media managers is the ability to schedule post. With WordPress native post scheduling, you can create a post, or multiple posts and schedule them individually to serve out out on a calendar.

    The WordPress auto post calendar.

    If you’re not familiar with scheduling a post in WordPress you’ll be glad to see how simple it is. Simply click on the link ‘immediately’ next to the publish button on the post editor admin screen and you’ll get the drop down WordPress auto post scheduler. Pick a date and a time and you’re ready to go.

    Social Media Auto Post Page Interface

    Social Media Auto Post makes managing display options easy with a drop down interface below the main body of the post in the admin page of add post.

    Is Social Media Auto Post Good To Use?

    If you’re running a small business then you know how important social media is to your business. If you are looking for a cost effective way to have your blog service manage your social media while they’re maintaining your content then Social Media Auto Post is the tool to use.

    With the fermium tier structure you get basic functionality with no cost and as you grow through your social process or want to post richer content you can upgrade to a paid plan.

    There have been plenty of social media freemium services in the past and unfortunately they have all gone to paywall service. While most of the subscriptions are in the low twenty dollar range, that cost can add up with all the other tools you’re running. That reason makes Social Media Auto Post by xyzscripts an excellent value.

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