WordPress Websites For Business

When you build an effective website for your business you need to understand two things.

First, speed is critical. Second, design your website for people.

Let’s unpack those two items.

Speed: Speed means how quickly your site loads into a browser. But, it also means how speedy your visitors can find what they’re looking for. The best way to get this done is using smart, proven technology and laying out that technology that is easily navigated.

Even more, when we talk about speed and design, realize that today we are all on our phone. Today, it is very unusual for anybody to hop on a full size PC to shop anything. Today, the internet is mobile.

Design Your Website For People: As a business owner you’ve been told about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. In fact, you’ve probably gotten a variety of sales phone calls about SEO.

Here is a very simple two step road map to make your business website SEO work.


Build Your Business Website With WordPress And Its Default Theme 2021 And Host It On Reliable Servers

Head out to Google Page Speed and type in https://buildingwebsitesplus.com. Click analyze. At the time of this writing Building Websites Plus scored a very green 98. The speed can vary a bit but generally speaking it is a very quick loading site.

Notice that you typed in specifically http:// but even so, the pagespeed tool defaulted to https://, that’s because the site is setup with a security certificate and has been configured to serve out the secure https:// url. This helps with speed as well as website security.

But at the core of this great speed performance are the combination of a simple WordPress architecture that isn’t loaded down with graphics and needless bells and whistles.

Remember that today pepole access websites from their mobile phone. The need for flashy gimmicks and graphics is over. Pepole what simple acces to information quickly.

Design Your Business Website For People

Link To Your Services, Service Areas, And Specialities From The Home Page Of Your Site

Have a quick look back at the home page of Building Websites Plus here. Notice that essentially it is a list of links. Each link goes to a separate page describing a service, service location, or specialty.

What that means for you is very simple. Layout your home page using this format. When you do this you’ve accomplished the most important aspects of business website design. You’ve made it user friendly and you’ve laid out an essential SEO roadmap.

Is WordPress Good For Small Business Websites?

Yes. WordPress is as good, if not better, than other website builders out there. In fact, WordPress has such a large installed base of websites around the world you’ll find support much easier than other builders.

What Would I Need WordPress Support For?

With any website builder you’ll have questions about added functionality or technical questions about how to do something. Unlike other dedicated website builders, your options for support for WordPress are virtually infinite.

Most every major website tool for small business has built in support for WordPress. In addition, the world is filled with WordPress experts.

Is WordPress Fast?

Yes. In its out of the box configuration, using standard WordPress themes like 2021, WordPress is exceptionally fast. However adding graphics, plugins, videos, and other tools incorrectly can drastically affect speed.

So, while WordPress out of the box is blazingly fast, what happens to it in the hands of unsavvy developers can have detrimental affects on speed.

How Do I Design A Small Business Website With WordPress?

WordPress.com offers a very simple way to design and build small buisness websites. Simply head over to WordPress.com, create an account, and follow the steps. In minutes you’ll have a functioning small business website up and running.

The fact is, WordPress is pre-designed for you. All you need to learn is basic navigation with the WordPress block editor and you’ll be laying out pages in minutes.