Writing SEO Content: Three Big Rules

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Follow these three rules to write better SEO content

Writing SEO content isn’t harder than writing any other copy. I know this because I have been writing SEO content for a long time. Long before it was a thing you could find on Indeed or could take a class and study. In all the years I have been writing SEO content I have settled on three rules that make SEO content work.

Rule 1: Don’t tell people about the thing, tell people what the thing will do for them.

Rule 2: The first part of an SEO sentence names the thing; the second part says the important thing about the first part.

Rule 3: Write simple sentences for your SEO content.

About Rule 1:

There’s an old saying in the sales world, it goes like this “People don’t buy a drill for the drill, they buy a drill for the hole it makes.”

In our professions we often download way too much about how the stuff we do does what it does. Like I could spend an awful lot of time explaining the psychology, grammar, and linguistic theory behind the drill story. But that isn’t the point of the sentence, or the idea. The point of the sentence is to make you realize people don’t need to know anything beyond what the thing does.

In example, let’s say you’re writing SEO content about changing brakes on a car for a mechanical shop. Are you going to tell, step by step, how to remove the tire, take the old brakes off, and then put new ones on?

The answer is no. Unless you are writing a technical how to, most people want to know that new brakes make cars safe and could save your life. An example then might look like this for brakes:

“New brakes can stop you from having an accident.”

About Rule 2:

The brake sentence is simple. On the leading edge of the sentence we have what I call the power section. Here you want to put your main keywords.

The second part of the sentence is what I call the what’s in it for me part of the sentence.

In English grammar these two sections the subject and the predicate. English grammar decodes in the brain from left to right. That’s why the power section, or the subject, is furthest left. Anything in the second part is telling you stuff about the first part. In our case, the thing it’s telling you is you’re more likely to have an accident with worn out, old brakes.

About Rule 3:

SEO content isn’t a complex piece of text trying to be artsy. It’s simply telling your reader the essentials of what they’re looking for.

Remember, you choose keywords because you feel people look for that. Google’s promise to their customers is delivering relevant content to the user’s search. Your content must satisfy that promise. If you do it well Google serves your content up.

Simple sentences are easy to read, not always easy to write. That’s why the best SEO writers are in demand. They make it look easy.

Simple sentences are also easy for crawlers to parse. Google is a particularly good AI, but like any intelligence it absorbs things better if they’re simply said.

Writing good SEO content

If you keep to these three rules, you’ll find your SEO content is clearer and will read, and rank better. I always tell people that SEO content is makes your phone ring with actively searching customers. They’re customers because the need the thing your stuff will do for them.

Your SEO content simply needs to tell them they’ve found the stuff they need and you’re the place to get it from.

Shoot me a text or give me a call. I’ll be glad to talk to you about writing your SEO content.


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